Allegheny Mountain
Engine & Implement Association

Annual Event

 The purpose of the Men & Women of the AMEIA is to preserve & educate all those it can about the Antique Internal Combustion Engines, Tractors, Engines, and a variety of Implements & Equipment representing yesteryear.


We are getting excited to see all the wonderful displays and
smiling faces that fill our Club Grounds in July and October. Each and every display is what brings our guests through the gates. We want everyone to be a part in helping to plan, have some fun, and promote a family-friendly event for all to enjoy!

Please consider coming out and becoming a part of these events to preserve and educate others about antique internal
combustion engines, tractors, and a variety of implements and equipment representing yesteryear.

Our organization is 100% VOLUNTEER. The involvement of membership participation in the Club is key to having enjoyable and successful events. Any help is greatly appreciated!

A.M.E.I.A—”Where being old is cool!”

Parking Cars, Campers, Tents & Exhibitors:

Upon arrival, we ask you to sign in at the Exhibitor Gate to the Show Grounds. We have staff to guide exhibitors and all show participants to where they may set up and park. There is a separate area for equipment trailers. We ask for your assistance, which is greatly appreciated by the Association but also by others using the grounds. We may have you unload equipment and move trailer or vehicle, if asked by Parking Personnel. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL & FOLLOW REQUESTS.

           ¨ No pets in Food Service Area
           ¨ Dogs are ONLY permitted in your camping area
           ¨ Pets must remain on a leash to take to bathroom
              outside or away from traffic areas.
           ¨ YOU MUST CLEAN UP after your pets.
           ¨ NO fireworks!

           ¨ No electric or water hook-ups
           ¨ On site Porta-Potty’s, incl. one for handicapped
           ¨ FREE Primitive camping is for those who are
              camping and working during our Show Time.
           ¨ We ask for a $20. sellable donation to our
              White Elephant Auction